A review written By Jon Worley
July 7, 2005

Frank Carillo & the Bandoleros
Jezebel Records

If you've been listening to recent Bob Dylan, you know the man has been steeping his sound in the blues, even while retaining his own remarkable feel for American music.  Frank Carillo does much the same thing here.  He's a bit more Tom Petty than Dylan, perhaps, but he sure knows how to rock out the blues.

And not all that dreadful, ponderous white-boy blues style that is just far too tiresome. Most folk would probably throw Carillo in Americana , that Alt. Country catchall category.  And while I wouldn't argue - these songs use rock and roots rather than blues convention - I still say Carillo's heart is in the blues.

Much like Americana icon Whiskeytown (when there was such a thing, of course) Carillo infuses his songs with such feeling and blue atmosphere that it's hard to imagine these songs existing without the likes of Muddy Waters and Leadbelly.

Simply lovely.  In a kinda depressing, are you sure I'll be alright, kinda way. Carillo makes good music.  Call it what you want: I'll be listening to this puppy many more times.

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