Frank Carillo and the Bandoleros  "Someday"  (Jezebel Records - 2008)

April 3, 2008

Classic American rockíníroll with a twist or two!

"Meet me down in London Town/And we can roll the bones" sings Frank Carillo on the opening track of his latest album and in so doing, sums up what heís about.  A native New Yorker, a guitar player with chops on his chops, he takes his native culture and idioms and grafts them on to wherever heís currently laying his hat.  London, Glasgow, Liverpool, even Kowloon, all make appearances as Carillo sings of fickle women and love lost and found in a muscular semi-mythological style that owes something to New Jersey, something to the mid-West, something to the English beat groups, but in the end is just the true sound of American rock and roll.
His is not the sort of music that hipsters and zeitgeist-seekers will like, itís too rooted, its style is too traditional. "Dad rock" theyíll sneer while moving on to whatever theyíve been told is the latest sensation. 7nbsp;But when that sensation has been and gone Carillo will still be making music, for classicism never goes out of fashion because it never is in fashion.  Something else that transcends fashion is good music, and thatís something that Carillo knows all about too.  "Someday" is classic American music with a twist or two and Carillo can pen a decent lyric and sketch a character, whether itís the "tailor who keeps his patrons on a hook" ("Roll the Bones") or the small time criminal "with a gun in my pocket and the police in my room" ("Eastern Time").  Eternal truths can always stand a bit of repeating and Carillo warns of tricksters, politicians and record company sharks with the air of a man whoís been there, done that and got ripped off for the t-shirt.  Solid stuff.

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