Americana & Roots Top 13                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  based on sales and airplay   May 2008   "the reliable one"  
number title,artist, (label)   last month 2 m.ago < list>  
1 Brighter than creation's dark            1 1       <4>
Drive-by Truckers (New West)
2 Asking for flowers    4 *       <2>
Kathleen Edwards (Zoe)
3 Keep it simple     3 *       <2>
Van Morrison (Polydor)
4 Someday             8 *       <2>
Frank Carillo and the Bandoleros (Jezebel)
5 Tinderbox * *       <1>
Fred Eaglesmith (Sonic)
6 Still now                            * *       <1>
Ad VanderVeen (Blue Rose)          
7 Off track betting      5 *       <2>
Nels Andrews (Reveal)
8 Just us kids                    * *       <1>
James McMurtry (Blue Rose)          
9 The good life * *       <1>
Justin Townes Earle (Bloodshot)
10 Bad road, good people * *       <1>
Boris McCutcheon (Frogville)
11 Ships of wonder                                 11 *       <2>
Rhythm Chiefs (Cool Buzz)
12 Vagabonds         6 8        <3>
Gary Louris (Ryko)
13 Candy Moon                         * *        <1>
Dede Priest (Cool Buzz)
New / cooking:
Trouble in mind Visions Further on
Hayes Carll (Lost Highway) Hans Theessink&Terry Evans(Blue Groove) Randy Thompson (Jackpot)
Crossing dragon bridge 13 Stories high Simple tunes for troubled times
Steve Wynn (Blue Rose) Joel Rafael (Inside) Steppin' in it (Fox on a hill)
Backwoods Barbie Spirit I am Tales from a road king
Dolly Parton (Dolly Rcs.) Eric Bibb (Dixiefrog) Dallas Moore (Cash Dog)
Antebellum queens Too much desire The boy bands have won
Rachel Davis (Fox on a hill) Robyn Ludwick (Freedom) Chumbawamba (Westpark)
Compiled by Paul van Gelder/Based on airplay National Radio: "For the Record" "Over de schutting"(VARA)/"American Connection"(KRO)/ "Boogie Nights (VPRO)
Regional radio: "Weekendmol"(Omroep Brabant)/"Hubert on the air"(L1)/Wim Kerkhof(Radio Rijnmond)/"Muziek en toch.."/"Giddy 
Up Country"(Radio 227)/Radio Waddenzee/Local and internet at" down from the 
mountain"(VPRO)/EbischAlt Country/Radio Hoorn/Winschoten/BRTO/Lelystad/Sales:Sonic/Munich/CRS/M&W/Bertus/Corazong/ 
Special Retailers/Lucky Dice, Amsterdam/Rootsmail,Breda/Diskid,Zwolle/List can be heard on Radio 227,Waddenzee,Lelystad, 
VARA/List also published in Country Gazette and on Top 13 is independent, 
reliable and exists since October 2000. Region: The Netherlands. Distribution or advertising contact

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