(Jezebel Records)

Review Written by:  Rob F.
March 14, 2008

Frank Carillo’s got one hell of a history.  Over the years he’s recorded with Frampton, jammed with Led Zep, Bad Company, co-authored Golden Earring and Twiggy albums.  He’s kept himself busy, and since 2005 the Bandoleros have been his main gig.  Their blues / roots hybrid oozes professionalism and confidence in both the quality of the songs and the band’s performance.  But that’s not everything.  I prefer my Americana a trifle roughed up ‘round the edges, and with a little soul on the side.  Taken as a whole, Someday is too polished for my ears, though individual tracks do stand out.  In particular "Eastern Time" is a tremendous song with a great country rock vocal and "Roll The Bones" with its references to "London town, Chelsea and the Kings Road" indicates an admirable knowledge of UK geography, for an American.

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