October 30, 2008
Album Review: Frank Carillo and the Bandoleros
"Someday" (Jezebel)
Written by:  By Dr. Blues
Fran Carillo is one of Long Island's hidden treasures.
His guitar has backed Frampton on Wind of Change and Frampton’s Camel as well as John Hammond Jr., Randy Jackson, Carly Simon while his own have featured backing from members of Clapton’s band.  His vocals have even harmonized on Twiggy’s most recent release!  He’s written for Golden Earring, Joan Jett and fronted notorious bands like Doc Holiday, Carillo and now, Frank Carillo and the Bandoleros.
As is too frequently the case, Frank Carillo is a huge talent in Europe where his tours fill clubs and halls and his album's fly off the shelves.  Via XM, in flight radio and PlayNetwork, his previous album received major airplay.
The newest disk is an eclectic amalgam of progressive, roots and neo-country flavors that benefit from Frank’s excellent guitar and growly vocals.  Backing the band are the soulful keys of Augie Meyers who has also graced Dylan, Hammond, the Texas Tornados and more.  "Someday" has some variety from Celtic Tull-ish "Roll the Bones" and a Horslips/U2 like "Everything Changes," "Lucky (If You Can Breathe)" has a verbose Springsteen roots feel.  The title cut has a drone in the Delta vein.  The talent flows on in visual bursts with esoteric and exotic textures from a Georgia Satellite like country piece called "Gotta Be You" to the mystical "Darkness Everywhere" and a cerebral ballad of futures being realized a la filme noire in "I’ll Stay Right Here."  The theme of dark and strange resonates, fulfilled by authentic vocals, articulate guitar and insightful lyrics.  A disk of depth and intensity that will make your gears turn, Someday will especially appeal if you dig WFUV and WEHM but stand well on its own merits of music that feels and thinks

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