(Jezebel Records)

New Album From A Musical Veteran

Review Written by:  Helen Foley
March 14, 2008

Way back before I was a mere twinkle in the milkman’s roving eye, Frank Carillo was writing songs about such milkmen types and their manly, cowboy adventures - roaming the free land, laying a hat down and calling it home etc etc.  Fast forward thirty-five years to present day and he’s at it again with his ‘Bandoleros’ and their 2008 album Someday.
This’ll surely take your Dad back to his youth, or at least the youth he darn well wishes he’d had.  Let me paint you a picture; virile, Bourbon swilling ‘man o the land’, lives a rootless existence, (perhaps wakes up under desert sun with a sore head, a taste of blood in his mouth, next to a dehydrated horse), and sings in heartfelt biographical format about his current days in search for that sweet, small town girl he left behind.
Though for all I may joke, it bodes well to recognise that Carillo is somewhat of a musical veteran and has made a career out of bluesy, country tales of (mid-life crisis) woe and this may be what you’re looking for.  He’s well within his genre and if you’re a little bit ‘country’, this album is a good choice, (and just a tip; ‘Gotta Be You’ is a great one if you’re planning a line dance).

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