(Jezebel Records)

Review Written by:  Mike Davies
March 20, 2008

Heís been around has Frank.  Back in the early '70s he played guitar for Peter Frampton, led his own band, recorded their debut album with the Stonesí equipment and jammed with Led Zep, wrote a European hit for Johnny Hallyday, collaborated with Carly Simon and played a U.S. tour support to Bad Company.  In the '80s he wrote, produced and provided backing vocals for Twiggy and in the '90s went on to team up with Annie Golden, recording two albums as Golden Carillo and appearing in the Meg Ryan movie "Prelude To A Kiss."  Come the new century he was part of Golden Earring and, more recently, toured as part of John Hammondís band.  Now heís back with his own band again for an album of classic American guitar rock and country filters in the tradition of Southside Johnny, Tom Petty, Miami Steve and, at times, even early Graham Parker.
Thereís nothing here that will suddenly make him a superstar after thirty odd years of paying dues, but bang this into the stereo, pour a beer and crank up tracks like Everything Changes, the Springsteenesque double of Lucky and Somebody Poisoned The Well, a bluesy throated Someday, the piano boogie Gotta Be You or the closing stripped back, gravelly throated acoustic ballad Glass Heroes, and itís like having a dynamite bar band ripping up your back room.

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