Rock n Reel

(Jezebel Records)

STARS:  * * * out of Five
Review Written by:  Gerry Ranson
April 15, 2008
New Yorker singer Carillo's certainly been around awhile, working with Peter Frampton in the early 1970's and taking in Carly Simon, Joan Jett, Twiggy(!) and Golden Earring along the way.

As you might expect from someone so experienced, Someday is a resoundingly solid album, the Bandoleros delivering some immaculate blue-collar country-rock to support Carillo's gravelly and impassioned Springsteenish vocal.   Although there are no surprises in store, it's great to hear such a seasoned band do their thing, and the album as a whole benefits immeasurably from the presence of Doug Sahm's old buddy Augie Meyers on organ and piano.   

Good late-night beer drinkin' music.  Need we say more?

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