Review Written by:  Paul Cole
February 14, 2008

New Yorker Frank Carillo has been round the block a time or two.  He's played guitar with Peter Frampton, toured with Tom Petty, written songs with Carly Simon and penned a hit for Joan Jett.  He's appeared in a Meg Ryan movie, recorded with Golden Earring, toured with John Hammond, played sessions with Twiggy - and he just happens to number Led Zeppelin among his celebrity fans.  Thirty years after his debut solo album, he's now playing rough and ready rock and roll with a bar-room band, and writing wordy songs that recall the early best of Bruce Springsteen, no less.  Both Lucky If You Can Breathe and Somebody Poisoned The Well particularly nod to the Boss's Jersey jaunts, the latter a close cousin of Blinded By The Light with Carillo's gravelly vocal to the fore.  Someday is joyous boogie driven by blues harp, acoustic and bottleneck guitars, while Don't Get Sammy Started does the same with the amps cranked up, just like Lowell George used to do.  The rabble-rousing Everything Changes is something The Pogues would have a ball with, Gotta Be You is down and dirty rock'n'roll, and Eastern Time gives John Hiatt a run for his money.  When he strips things back, The Way Out will delight anyone who was into Dire Straits when they were playing pubs, and finalé Glass Heroes is a fragile treat.  This isn't fashionable or glamorous - just honest to goodness songwriting.  Get acquainted with Someday soon. PC

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